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Post-production is not witchcraft, but learned craftsmanship, many years of experience and a lot of creativity. The film composer Johannes Kayser offers the complete range of post-processing of image and sound through close cooperation with film and television studios. Starting with the music cassette, tape, CD and digital media in the audio sector, as well as VHS, Hi8, DV and all broadcast standards from Betacam to DVC-PRO in the video sector, he has lived through all technical epochs in his more than 30 years of professional experience. In the OWLSTUDIO in Salzkotten, all the standards of yesterday and today are available.

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Sprache Sounddesign
Hörbuch Gesamtproduktion Pilu , die kleine Ente
Filmkomponist Johannes Kayser
Das Complete Musikarchiv
Live Sounddesign
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Overview und Vita

Post-production is a matter of trust and long-term business relationships usually develop. The small tasks are often the most interesting. In addition to composing, Johannes Kayser has always enjoyed audio and video technology and filming. Best conditions for the studio service. Producer and customer are talking about the same passion here.

Johannes Kayser received classical music and piano training. Since 1980 he has played as a guitarist and keyboardist in various bands while studying, accompanied the hit duo Adam & Eve on two tours through the USA and Canada and was a co-founder of the band Maniac in Paderborn in 1984, which he left in 1986 to devote himself entirely to film music dedicate. First compositions for commercials and video games were requested. Orders for industrial productions, training films and documentaries followed, as well as radio plays.

Many of his compositions are now played in radio, film, TV and industry. As a sound designer and composer, Johannes Kayser creates image films, documentaries and films at home and abroad. Over the years, more than 130 CDs with 4000 pieces of music and a current total repertoire of over 7000 titles have been created. You buy directly from the composer, without the hassle of administrative work and with legal certainty. The additional services in post-production can be booked as a complete package. In terms of price, the church in the village remains ideal, also for video amateurs.



Audio Podcast Audiobook Restoration Mastering 
You speak into the microphone and we do the rest. Often the technical means to record the speech are not available and we often receive the files recorded with a cell phone or camera. No problem. With a restoration and a finalization, we bring your podcast up to studio standards. We edit and master your recordings including adjusting the length of the pauses, removing doubling and vocal artefacts such as hissing, popping and clicking as well as audio mastering. We also find the right timing for an audio book, for example, which is an elementary prerequisite for radio play production and an essential part of the dramaturgy.   Preis : je Studiostunde 60€ 
Mastering Film Sound Sound design 
Audio mastering enables optimal playback on all end devices and is the last step in film and music production. All steps are done digitally in the highest quality and all studio standards. At the same time, we take care of the sound design as an acoustic optimization of your videos and audio books.   Preis : je Studiostunde 60€
Film Scoring Film music Auftragsproduktion 
You have the idea or the film, we implement it musically and have been composing for film, TV, radio and industry according to your specifications and wishes for over 30 years. The long-term credits range from A for ADAC to ZDF. All technical standards up to Dolby Atmos are possible. Let's talk about it.   Preis : auf Anfrage


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