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Digitize audio video cassettes


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The era of audio and video cassettes and tapes is coming to an end. We will help you to save your old treasures and to be able to listen to them easily and at any time on your CD player, smartphone, MP3 player or in your own media center. Professional editing with 30 years of experience.

Do you still have old videos, cassettes, records or tapes in your archive? How often have you decided to unpack and listen to them again? In most cases, however, the right device is missing or the effort is too great. The ravages of time on the precious recordings, so it's high time to have them digitized.

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MC, MD, Schallplatten, Vinyl, Tapes, Dat, Tonband
VHS, Hi8,Digital8, SVHS,DV,DVCAM,Betacam,U-Matic, DVCPro ...
Überspielung Digital Betacam, Betacam SP /SX
Überspielungen DVCPro
ÜberSpielungen U-Matic
Überspielung DV DVCAM
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Compare not only the prices, but also the services you get! We deliver a finished product, cleaning of the material, digitization, track splitting and data carriers are included in the price. You will not receive a quick copy, but work 1:1 with the highest quality playback devices and technologies that are also used in our daily studio work. The finished audio and video material is output on a data medium, audio either as music or data CD, as WAV or MP3 file, video material as DVD or mp4 file.

And this is how it works: Order the items you want, send us your audio/video material and enclose the order forms below with your order:

Auftrag Video  Auftrag Audio

Shipping within Germany is included in the price. For shipping to Europe, please add the shipping fee.

Price: 19.00 EUR
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