Legal certainty for your film productions

Public use of music is not free. Anyone who needs music or accompanying sound passages for videos, films, animations, presentations or other applications generally has to pay money to Gema for the use of the compositions. This also applies to private YouTube videos, school projects, music for telephone waiting loops, soundtracks for games, music for sound reinforcement and everything that is presented in public.

In order to save the license fees to Gema, you can alternatively use Gema-free music in your projects. When buying such compositions, it is important that you know who the composer of the respective piece of music is and that you receive permission from him to use the respective composition in his production. This Gema exemption should be unlimited in time and apply worldwide.

A music title is only royalty-free if its author is not a member of GEMA or another collecting society. With us you buy directly from the composer. Each music title was produced by the film composer Johannes Kayser in his own studio. Johannes Kayser has been working independently of collecting societies for over 30 years and this is even certified by Gema.

You buy directly from the composer and therefore do not have to pay GEMA fees. You purchase a one-off license for one or more music titles and may use them in your productions.
When you purchase the music, you will receive a royalty release, issued in your name or company, which certifies that the compositions are royalty-free for an unlimited period of time. If there is a GEMA inspection, simply present this certificate and you are on the safe side.