The decision between catalog music or an individual composition depends on the price

Production music is also called library music or canned music and the compositions are finished titles that can be purchased from any producer and are not exclusively licensed. The advantage lies in the significantly lower price compared to commissioned music. Production music is used in TV formats as well as in image films or documentaries.

Those who opt for archive music benefit from a large selection of music with a wide variety of moods and effects and find the right music quickly and, above all, independently. Commissioned music is specially composed and produced for media productions and is therefore tailored to the respective film project. Such compositions are well suited when a theme song with recognition value is required for a commercial or a musical theme is to run through an entire film.
A combination of production music and commissioned compositions often makes sense. The better the client's specifications for the composer, the better the results. The supreme discipline is then the composition directly on the film and the scenes, which, however, requires a certain budget for the great effort.