Functional music has a specific purpose

There are different types such as advertising music and radio spots as background music in the department store, relaxation music in meditation and suggestion, and especially film music.

Film music makes a significant contribution to the overall effect of a film and is always perceived at the same time as the image. Design, colours, image content, brightness and shadows, action, dialogue, sounds, atmosphere and, of course, music are in a complicated relationship to each other and must function with each other.

Music creates mood and dynamism in the film, even if it is not consciously recorded most of the time. The aim of a good film score is to form a symbiosis between music and image that can no longer be consciously and meaningfully distinguished.

The task of the film composer is to subconsciously and subtly direct the viewer's attention. The music should only come to the fore in places where this is explicitly desired, e.g. in mostly very emotional scenes. Film music is part of a larger whole with a certain relationship in which it stands with the rest of the film.