A film score is original music written specifically to accompany a film. 

Strictly translated, film score is actually nothing more than film music in German. A film score often has a leitmotif that varies throughout the film. How film music unfolds effectively depends heavily on the viewer, their personal environment, education and life. A musical person will link incoming tones more intensively than a non-musician, because their ears are finer and they notice different sound nuances more than a layman.

The effect of the music in a film scene also depends on the experiences we have had in a similar situation before, e.g. lovesickness or fear. We react correspondingly strongly and differently to the corresponding film music. What does that mean for the composer? In any case, the music must evoke the desired emotion in every viewer, a little more for some, a little less for others. A safe means is a strong, simple leitmotif with clearly structured instrumentation, so that everyone can immediately find their way emotionally. There can sometimes be a complicated music development in between, so that even the trained ear feels comfortable.