The louder, the better ?

The human ear picks up louder music faster and focuses on it immediately. Certainly a suitable means in pop music, but not necessarily in film. A film and its scenes live from the dramaturgy and the music supports the image through the style and volume. Soft music can create emotion and well-being, and a strong focus on the image, the louder the music, the more focus on movement and sound.

Increasing volume creates a tension curve and at the peak there is salvation for the eyes and ears. This should then also be the resolution of the film scene. The volume of the effects and the music in movies goes to the pain limit and sometimes beyond. This is then typically followed by silence, which subsequently supports the previous scene again and gives the viewer time to take a deep breath and process all the information in their heads.

One should use such highlights sparingly in the film and really only when key scenes are shown. The strenght is to be found in serenity. The film does not have to be accompanied by music from start to finish. A few sound surfaces or tones are often enough to give the scene the right expression. The music in the film is a wave that ebbs and flows in volume, intensity and style.