Why buy gema free music ?
Gegenüber der Gema-pflichtigen Musik kaufen Sie hier direkt beim Urheber und rechnen die Tantiemen ohne eine Nutzungsgesellschaft mit ihm ab. Die GEMA-freie Musik ist günstiger und es entstehen keine Zusatz- oder Folgekosten. Beim Kayser Medienverlag gilt : 1x kaufen - immer wieder verwenden in Film, TV, Video.
What is GEMA?
Compared to the music subject to royalties, you buy here directly from the author and settle the royalties without a user company with him. The royalty-free music is cheaper and there are no additional or follow-up costs. At Kayser Medienverlag applies: 1x buy - use again and again in film, TV, video.
What are GEMA's tasks?
GEMA is contractually entitled to collect royalties (also: royalties) from the user (e.g. a radio station, restaurant, concert organizer, retailer) for the public broadcasting and performance of the music of the registered composer. The collected fees are distributed back to the members of GEMA according to a certain key minus the administrative costs.
Is the use of gema free music allowed in other countries?
The buyer of the royalty-free music receives a release certificate, which is valid worldwide and indefinitely. It exempts from payments to all user companies such as Gema, ASAP, PRS, AKM, SUISA, SACEM, BMI, etc.

Who is the composer of gema free music at Kayser Medienverlag
The film composer Johannes Kayser has been creating musical compositions for film, radio, video, TV and sound reinforcement since 1986. After a well-founded classical music education and ample live experience, he decided on this path at the time and since then has been marketing his copyrights without any collecting society, thus also gema freely. Here you buy directly from the composer, without the hassle of administrative work and with absolute legal certainty. All compositions come from his pen or, in the case of classical arrangements, were produced by him.