Why do I have a copyright complaint with YouTube?

Why can this happen even though you are using our royalty free music. This is because YouTube uses an automated system called Content-ID to scan videos and their music. The uploaded video is compared with a database in which record companies and other rights holders have stored their works. If there is a hit, they can then decide to block the video or only the sound or also place accompanying advertising and leave it online.

Music can sound similar and software cannot always tell the difference. Thus, such a hit is only an indication that a video contains material for which the user has no rights. On the one hand, this system can give false alarms, on the other hand, those pieces of music that are not in the database slip through the fingers of the system.
So what to do ? Quite simply, lodge an objection and state that the music is from Kayser Medienverlag and that the composer Johannes Kayser is not a member of a collecting society. The music is royalty free. Please enter our website www.1-2-3-gemafrei.de for further information. That's enough in most cases.

This information often helps with the publication of your video. So just put it in the description.