The right music under the pictures is a question of creativity and experience

Good technique and the exact cut are one thing, but the right background music completes the film.
Very often I'm asked why the beautifully chosen music XY doesn't work in the video. Many filmmakers are unsure about choosing the right music. The basic rule here is: less is more. The right mixture of music, atmosphere, original sound and silence ultimately makes for a good result.

The focus is always on the video image and, above all, on the statement that the film scene is intended to convey. For example, a plane taking off with soothing strings can make you want to go on a holiday trip, accompanied by rhythmic music, the focus is immediately on the plane and the technology, but if you choose dramatic or sad music, associations such as fear or a crash come up immediately.

Finding the right music is not that easy. It should match the mood of the film or video and support it musically without putting itself too much in the foreground. It should match the speed of the cut and ideally be the right length.

The thematic music packages or the complete work from Kayser Medienverlag offer a good pre-selection. In the Complete Music Archive you can search the music by mood, genre and theme in ready-made presets.